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South Carolina Representative Katie Arrington’s bid to fill outgoing Senator Tim Scott’s seat went down to an incredibly close but ultimately decisive defeat on Tuesday night. While Scott’s last term on Capitol Hill will be remembered for his aggressive, steadfast defense of his home state and region, he will be remembered more for his own words in the final days of his campaign for reelection. “He’s just like us,” Scott told a voter in a Tuesday town hall. “I love this country. I love the people in this country. I love the South Carolina people.” Scott went on to laud his record and the people he met during his time in office, noting that he took a “pathway to service” in his own life by working for a local hospital. “I love what I do,” he continued. “I love this country, and I will continue to serve the people of this state.” The moment was quietly powerful. It was also one of the few times that the scuttlebutt surrounding Scott’s re-election bid was quashed as he spoke his mind and his heart directly to his constituents. It also had the dual benefit of answering the question many Democrats, and even some Republicans, have been asking: “What would Tim Scott do?” He could run for re-election as a “moderate,” as the brand. He could stand to the left of the right, as the brand. He could, in fact, try to both while remaining true to himself. Instead, Scott set the bar even higher for himself, revealing to voters that while he and his father may have a different perspective on Obamacare, he and his constituents, especially those in South Carolina, may have to make the best of a bad situation. He chose service over partisanship, and focused on his approachable, everyday view of the world and the voters he serves. Ultimately, he showed that he didn’t just work for his people, but that he worked for them as he traveled to 29 different counties over the course of his campaign. He visited doctors, dentists, family doctors, and others in their communities. He answered their questions honestly, whether it was about health care, or his wife, or his children, or his mother, or his job. He opened himself up and shared himself. The contrast with Arrington couldn�




Dr.Web Anti-virus Crack With Product Key Free Download 2020

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